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  3. Mania
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  5. Nike Melbourne Flagship
  6. Nike Off-White "The Ten"
  7. Particles
  8. Scratch DisksWIP
  9. SkateboardWIP

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Lead Graphic and Spatial Designer at Space Between

Reading: Dieter Rams: The Complete Works
Listening: Mania Mixtape 11
Observing: Sights of Vienna

7. Particles

Experiment 1.12

WIP / 2020
Motion Design

            Particle Experiment Series 1: Using code along with audio visual software to learn, explore, and develop a suite of visual assets that are responsive to sound frequencies. Series 1 explores particle arrays within 2D and 3D fields and monochromatic colour. 

Experiment 1.1

Experiment 1.3

Experiment 1.7

Experiment 1.9

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