1. Adrian Grasso
  2. Converse Comfort
  3. Mania
  4. Model Melb
  5. Nike Melbourne Flagship
  6. Nike Off-White "The Ten"
  7. Particles
  8. Scratch DisksWIP
  9. SkateboardWIP

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Lead Graphic and Spatial Designer at Space Between

Reading: Dieter Rams: The Complete Works
Listening: Mania Mixtape 11
Observing: Sights of Vienna

5. Nike Melbourne Flagship

C / 2019
Branding and Identity
Graphic Design
Spatial Design

           The main brief: highlight and showcase the synergy between Melbourne and Nike through the lens of modern sport. Working closely with Nike store and brand design teams, the concept is manifested through materials, imagery, illustration, custom typography and branding. Nike DNA fused with a local typographic story, a single voice and language used across branding elements, manifesto and collaboration with local artist David C. Morton. Completed at Space Between.

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