1. Adrian Grasso
  2. Converse Comfort
  3. Mania
  4. Model Melb
  5. Nike Melbourne Flagship
  6. Nike Off-White "The Ten"
  7. Particles
  8. Scratch DisksWIP
  9. SkateboardWIP

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Lead Graphic and Spatial Designer at Space Between

Reading: Dieter Rams: The Complete Works
Listening: Mania Mixtape 11
Observing: Sights of Vienna

1. Adrian Grasso

C / 2018
Creative Direction

                Primarily working in commercial photography, Adrian Grasso has a strong approach to clean and minimal image making. Having always been fascinated with humour and things that are not quite right, Adrian uses subtle playfulness and off kilter elements to play the life part to his stills. I developed Adrian’s new logo, collateral and then collaborated with him on a photoshoot to help launch his new identity.

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